I started the race a little worried. My knee had been sore for a few days, and I was concerned about durability.  The adrenaline started pumping early, and I was feeling pretty good while waiting to toe the line. I got started and everything was great. My legs felt good and I thought “I got […]

My first big trail run and I am hooked

WOW!  This update is a little late but so worth it.  Just before my first 10K, I came across a posting for a trail run at Providence Canyon, The Flatlanders Canyon Crash.  I’d never done a 10k much less a 10k trail up and down a canyon, but something got me intrigued.   I hit up […]

Your mind is your greatest enemy.

Some days I’m reminded that we really have to focus on being happy with where we are in our journey. We need to find joy in our achievements. I’ve made huge strides over the last couple of years. I’ve lost 100 pounds I can run 10+ miles without stopping I can run a mile in […]

My first 10k was a success.

After completing my first goal of running 6 – 5Ks, I’ve moved on to goal #2 6 10ks.  I ran my first one this past weekend and it was excellent.  I was super concerned about my time.  I looked at last years results, and my fastest training time was still towards the low end of […]

What works? Work.

I’ve said it before.  This is hard. When you boil it all down, the only thing that works is work.  There’s no simple way to do lose weight.  You have got to put in the work.  I can say this,  if you do the work, it will work.  You’ve probably heard my mantra, “Eat less, […]

First 10k is on it’s way.

My first 10k comes up on Saturday (http://theangelshouse.org/run).  I’m really nervous because it’s a pretty competitive 10k.  My fastest practice run would still put me at the back of the pack.  I don’t know that there’s really much more I can do about it now.  I’ve done several practice runs and for the rest of the […]

Goal hit. #6 is done

I hit my goal of doing 6 – 5k’s in 2016.  The 6th was the Purple 5k.  I signed up on a whim because the gang at Orange Theory was sponsoring it. I actually got 2nd place in my age group.  It was a smaller 5k, but a great route. There was a big hill […]