Goal hit. #6 is done

I hit my goal of doing 6 – 5k’s in 2016.  The 6th was the Purple 5k.  I signed up on a whim because the gang at Orange Theory was sponsoring it. I actually got 2nd place in my age group.  It was a smaller 5k, but a great route. There was a big hill right at the end.  I guess leave it to OTF to add an “All Out” at the end of the race.  It was awesome and I appreciate the OTF crew cheering me forward.

Purple 5k

This was my 6th 5k this year. That was my goal for the year. I'm really happy to have made it through them all.
Time: 00:32:32 Distance: 3.13 miles Speed: 10:23/mile
Suffer Score: 106 Max HR: 176 bpm Avg HR: 164 bpm