My first 10k was a success.

After completing my first goal of running 6 – 5Ks, I’ve moved on to goal #2 6 10ks.  I ran my first one this past weekend and it was excellent.  I was super concerned about my time.  I looked at last years results, and my fastest training time was still towards the low end of the pack.  I figured no matter what I would finish a 10k which was more than many people would do.  So I got up and headed out.  I had set my goal at 11:00/mile.  I was so concerned about my time, I didn’t even tell anybody my goal.  I started out fast.  I always do, but I intentionally slowed my pace to 10:00/mile.  I didn’t want to burn out in the first few miles, but I figured 10:00 was slow enough to keep from burning out but fast enough to help me keep that 11:00 pace if I got tired.  To my surprise, I kept that 10:00 pace through all 6 miles.  I ended the race nearly 6 minutes faster than my fastest training run.  It was fast enough to get second place in my age group!  I was super excited, and can’t wait to hit the next 10k.

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