My first big trail run and I am hooked

WOW!  This update is a little late but so worth it.  Just before my first 10K, I came across a posting for a trail run at Providence Canyon, The Flatlanders Canyon Crash.  I’d never done a 10k much less a 10k trail up and down a canyon, but something got me intrigued.   I hit up my good friend Isaac to see if he was game.  He jumped at it and away we went.

It was a challenge.  The trail had a couple of really long steep climbs and a couple of really long steep descents.  Once you got to the very bottom of the canyon, the trail was actually a creek bed. The scenery was beautiful.  There were abandoned cars with trees going through them.  Tall dirt walls covered in disappearing graffiti and wondering trails that left you completely isolated.

They do this race every year.  They run not only a 10k, but also a Half Marathon and  a 50k.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actively planning to do the 50k next year.  I really think I might have broken something in my head.

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