Big Milestone – 75 pounds down, 25 more to go.

BeforeAfterI hit a  big milestone this weekend.  I’m down 75 pounds.  When I started at the end of last July, my goal was to drop 100 pounds.  I didn’t set a timeline, but I was hoping to lose at least 1-2 pounds a week.  I wanted to make it a realistic pace.  I didn’t want to go too fast and yoyo back, but I didn’t want to go to slow and become completely discouraged.

I’m happy to say I’ve stayed on track for almost a year.   I’m averaging about 1.6 pounds lost each week.  I’m really excited that I’ve kept it moving forward.  I’ve got a great bunch of friends that encourage me everyday.  I could never have done this alone, so thanks everybody.

These next 25 pounds are going to be tough.  As a reward to myself, I’m going to get a tattoo when I hit my goal. I’ve been wanting another one for years.  If I can keep it up I should hit my goal by the end of the year.  If you are already thinking about what you should get me for Christmas, I’m hoping for new clothes 🙂

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